C3 Red 1977 Chevrolet Corvette
When the C3 Corvette Stringray was introduced in 1968, the large scoops over the front wheels immediately struck a cord. This new design was a dramatic change the flatter front of the C2 models and seemed to usher in the 1970s – an era that the design would outlast. The power placed under that new body design gave it a cherished place in the heart of Corvette owners and muscle cars everywhere. Even today this generation remains a favorite of collectors and enthusiasts alike. But what was it about the design that made it so memorable?

When looking at the profile of a C3, the smooth curves are instantly noticeable. The scoops on the hood offer a silhouette to the front tires that, for this generation, matched the read tires in size. The bulging standard BF Goodrich tires, which remain mandatory in the minds of collectors and restorers, are dramatically different from the low profile performance tires of modern Corvettes. These tires, which sit on appropriately styled steel rims, complete the profile view that is so remarkable. Add in the reversed wind scoop (seen in this photo) to the front fender and the look is completed. Of course the extended front hood also adds to the unique style and finish.

Collectors obviously have to deal with the wear and tear that comes with aging and time, and the 1968 to 1982 Vettes fair about the same as other cars from these years. Torn leather seats and cracking plastic trim are very common. Additionally the interior gauges are noticeably dated and lean heavily to the 70s. The fact that this generation lasted 14 years, spanning 3 decades, is the most probable reason that the interior jumps out as being older than what would be standard in a late model (1982). Finally, the 80’s models were notorious for having lower horsepower and historically have been considered the poorest of all Corvette years.

With all this being considered, finding a mint C3 Corvette for sale has continued to be the top goal for those in the market. Can you find the one that everyone has been searching for?

Corvettes Remain Popular in Texas and California

We recently posted an articles on Corvettes in Texas and their popularity throughout the state. While Texas may own the largest Corvette following, California certainly gives the state a run for it’s money. One might argue that the two states are the most populous and therefore makes it an easy conclusion that they would have the most Vette owners and fans. However, when comparing on a percentage basis, these two states have a disproportionate leaning towards Chevy’s flagship muscle machine. Today we’ll look at California’s place in the US marketplace for Corvettes.


Why Californians Love Them

When looking for a used Corvette for sale in California, it’s easy to see the the selection is certainly there. The pristine weather throughout the state lends itself to a fast paced culture that loves the speed and thrill of a curve hugging sports super car. Throwing the convertible top back or opening up the targa top is a year round occurrence in California, and that makes these cars wildly popular. Its no secret that spending wildly out on the west coast is a trademark trend (never mind the piles of debt throughout the state) and that factor makes the high prices of these beloved sportscars far from being the deterrent they are in other states. In California image is everything, and the Corvette does not hesitate to flash its style and power when cruising the highway. Thanks to the weather, the spend first culture, and the emphasis on maintaining an image – the Chevrolet Corvette remains wildly popular in California.


Could Vettes Lose Their West Coast Market?

There are also some drawbacks in California that may be holding back it’s popularity in comparison to Texas. For one, luxury taxes and gas prices in California can be offsetting to those wanting to maintain some responsible spending habits while owning a hot car. Additionally, emissions and MPG standards in the state are constantly pushing Chevrolet to innovate in ways that will keep the car practical in the state. Keeping the big V8 engine pushing out jaw dropping performance while meeting gas and emissions standards may at some point hit a breaking point where smaller turbo charged engines are required to keep the car selling in CA. This has even been rumored in the past but never came to fruition with the C7 generation. One final note to consider is that theme of “smaller is better” has taken serious growth in California, as opposed to the “bigger is better” mantra in Texas. Could this ideology one day lead to decreasing sales in the state? It’s certainly a possibility.


The Future in CA

In conclusion, California remains a pinnacle market for Chevrolet when it comes to their top car. Even with possible buyer deterrents in the state, the car will likely remain wildly popular for years to come. C7 sales have remained strong and the used market is as fluid as ever. Its obvious….Californians love their Corvettes!

Largest Used Corvette Dealer PhotoThe Used Car Buying Experience

Nothing can be more frustrating than bouncing between dealerships (whether in person or online) trying desperately to locate the new or used Corvette you want to buy. Many shoppers would expect that any Chevrolet dealer in the network would have access to the specific Corvette they want to configure. Unfortunately that is not always the case. So, finding the largest or highest volume Corvette specific dealership becomes a need of many buyers. Here at findavette.com we’ve done some research and hopefully can help shorten the time you have to spend searching. Here is what we know about the Top Corvette Dealers.

Kerbeck Corvette Makes Bold Claims

Based on their claims and heavy internet marketing, the front runner for largest used corvette dealer would seem to be Kerbeck Corvette. Based in Atlantic City, NJ, these guys have been around for a long time and are big players in the market. Their collection of new Corvettes is unmatched. However, we did say “NEW”, but their selection of pre-owned Vettes may not measure up to the lofty claims of being the largest. Their online advertisements and special boast great deals and offers for their new vehicles, but it takes some digging to find their selection of used vehicles. They obviously make more money selling new Chevrolet Corvettes, so there may be other dealers options in the used marketplace that we need to explore.

The Texas Corvette Dealer Battleground

The market in the state of Texas for used Corvettes has always been and likely always will be one of the hottest in the nation. Some of the big name dealers in that state include Corvette Warehouse in Dallas, Corvette World in Houston and Dallas, along with a few Chevy dealers like Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, TX. The difficult part of this equation, even when comparing Kerbeck, is determining how to gauge which dealer is the “largest” in the used car market. Used car sales data is not readily available in the way that new car data is provided, so you essentially have to go by each dealer’s word. And when it comes to selling used cars – we know how trustworthy many of them are – or are not. If we took them at their word, EVERY dealer would be the largest used Corvette dealer!

Is the Largest Used Corvette Dealer an Online Company?

Now we have previously review several online websites which, if considered a dealer themselves, far outweigh the selection at any individual dealer. However, online sites often cannot be trusted in the same way that a long lasting and reputable car lot can. So the final truth is that there really is no way to determine exactly who the largest used corvette dealer in the country is. And besides, just because they are large does not always mean they are the best. A small lot with great attention to detail and a love of Corvette’s may provide a greater product than what the large volume guys offer. Although they are now defunct, Corvette Palace in Austin, TX for many years was the premiere place to buy used Vettes in the country. Sadly they went out of business (or went on to pursue other ventures) and the market place has been a constant competition for the title of the biggest and baddest player in the world of used Chevy Corvettes. It may be years before we are able to determine who should rightfully be called the largest used Corvette dealer.

Financing this Corvette Z06 is PossibleLet’s face it, financing the purchase of a Corvette isn’t much different than financing any other car. You’ll likely have to secure a down payment, lock in an interest rate, and then calculate the monthly payments based on the remaining balance. Corvette financing is pretty much the same as with any other car. However, there are always considerations to make when your investment is a top of the line sports car that will likely put a serious drain on your wallet. Even more difficult is the task of trying to finance one with bad credit. In this article we’ll review some of those concerns while giving you information on our preferred financing partner here at FindAVette.

Can I Afford A Corvette?

We all know that Corvettes are not cheap. For a C5 or better Vette with under 50,000 miles, you’ll be looking at a minimum price of $20,000. While searching for a used Chevrolet Corvette, we had a hard time locating any low mileage C5 for under $20k, and that is for a nearly 20 year old car! Of course newer models easily can reach well above $60,000. So, if we start doing the math, a monthly payment of at least $350 can be expected to put you in the drivers seat of a 20 year old C5 Corvette. The numbers just go up from there. When checking your budget, there is one other big factor to consider before making the purchase…and we’ll cover that next.

How Much is the Insurance?

Getting behind the wheel of a V8 American legend muscle car is going to cost you more than just a monthly payment. Auto Insurance providers are savvy to the fact that most Corvette owners like to put that horsepower on display, and as a result are considered more reckless drivers. It may not seem fair, but insurance companies are one of the few industries given a free ticket to discriminate wherever and whenever they want! Anyone under the age of 25, even with a clean driving record, should do exhaustive research on insurances prices before trying to finance a Corvette. The monthly insurance payment alone can be nearly as much as the car – which can amount to doubling your payment. Even people over 25 with a spotty driving record may want to check on the insurance rates before jumping into Corvette ownership. Knowing how much your have to pay in insurance ahead of time will make your budgeting decisions for financing the car a bit easier.

How is My Credit?

This question if the first thing that anyone looking to finance a car, whether its a Chevrolet Corvette or not, will be asked. We are all familiar with FICO scores and what they can mean when it comes to monthly payments. When going through the financing application process, we recommend CarLoans.com for their fast online credit checks that will give you an instant answer along with a highly competitive rate. With online services like this, the days of sitting at a bank office and being stuck with their single offer are gone. Once approved by CarLoans.com, you can take your approval to any dealer and shop (or negotiate) with the power to buy held firmly in your hands.

In conclusion, the steps to financing a Corvette can be slightly more in depth with the higher prices, the auto insurance factor, and the need for a lower interest rate. However, with a few simple planning steps taken in advance, your shopping, buying, and financing experience can be one that is completed with ease and with the best possible results. Corvette financing is certainly within reach!


Today we will review one of the long standing leaders in the world of used Corvette sales, usedcorvettesforsale.com. Acting as a micro site focused specifically on Corvette sales, this site has remained a top search result in Google for many years, primary due to the fact that it’s domain name is an exact match for the commonly used search term. While the site features some information specific to Corvettes, the primary draw remains their Corvette listings. They have a strong sponorship base from Corvette specific dealers, which has helped maintain their position as a market leader.

Site Design – 2
At first glance it is obvious that the overall website design and appearance has become rather outdated and unintuitive. Bland colors and small text, while popular in the early 2000s, do not keep up well with the latest trends in web design and can make it difficult to navigate the site. Many of the best features on the site are lost in the clutter packed onto each individual page, including no shortage of advertisements. A nice feature of the site is a banner of easy links across the top pointing to the various generations of Chevrolet Corvettes. However, our best estimates say that the site has not been updated graphically in over 5 years, which is a major problem in the vastly changing world of technology. Mobile and tablet optomization for the site could greatly increase the appeal to Corvette buyers and sellers. For this reason, we give it the low rank of 2.

Car Listings -3
A Corvette can be listed for sale on the site for $20 and will not expire until the car is sold. Dealers also have the option of creating multiple listings at a discounted rate with a dealer account. Considering the design issues stated above, the actually listings can be somewhat difficult to decipher with all of the text being somewhat smashed together. The benefit is that you get the primary car details that you are looking for without having to scroll or click through tabs. Poorly implemented social networking features go a step further in cluttering the individual pages. The site does boast a decent fan base on Facebook which certainly goes to show that the site is relevant to many fans in the marketplace.

Searching – 0
We spent some considerable time attempting to find basic search features on usedcorvettesforsale.com, but unfortunately we were unable to find any. This made the process of sort through, in some cases, more than 400 listings for a single car type. This may in fact be the biggest detractor for a site that sits atop the competitors in the Corvette micro site arena. While all of the pages have a high level of search engine optimization, it is the basic user friendly features that are missing which cause a great deal of user dissatisfaction. Much can be said for the number of unique pages indexed on the site, but when basic user features are missing, this can be a fatal flaw. It is certainly possible that other industry competitors could step in if this is not addressed.

Overall Score – 2
The usedcorvettesforsale.com website certainly maintains a valuable position in the industry that will not soon be overtaken, but many site flaws take away from the user experience when shopping for a used corvette for sale. In the coming weeks we will examine others in the industry to determine which site we recommend when shopping for a used Chevrolet Corvette.

Site Reviews Coming Soon:
Corvette Dealers
Corvette Trader Classifieds

2005-corvette-002The big splash in the auto world in late 2004 was the introduction of the all new C6 Corvette. New styling and an improved engine over the admittedly outdated C5 brought a resurgence to the market of GM’s hottest sports car. With the addition of modern features like GPS navigation, push button starting, and push button doors, the beloved Vette immediate retook its place as the prime sport car in America.

As the years have gone by and the C7 has come along (10 years later in 2014) the C6 models have maintained their value in almost an unprecedented fashion. What has been the driving force behind the staying value of the previous generation and specifically the 2005 Corvette on the used market? We’ll take a look at several reasons.

First, the 2005 year model introduced the modern features and appearance that even 10 years later still have that eye catching appeal that owners love. The C5 models with their rounded corners and admittedly lackluster interior have begun to show their age and lose that shock and awe effect. The fact that C5’s can be found with cassette players should say enough! You can find a great 2005 Corvette for sale at a reasonable price while still gaining all the benefits over the 2004 models. Since it was the first year of the new body style and engine, this allows used shoppers to get the best pricing when compared to other years. You can find a very well kept 2005 C5 for under $30,000, which makes it a diamond in the eyes of first time owners.

Second, when GM introduced the next generation, they put plenty out in the open market making them readily available. When searching online for used Corvettes, it does not take long to notice that there are an abundance of ’05s available. This isn’t because it is a car people was to dump, but rather a reflection of the fact that so many were made to meet the high demand. As with the release of the 2014 Corvette, demand for the 05 year models exceeded demand and even resulted in a slight price increase. In this case with the world of used Corvettes, the supply is there to meet the demand, and as a result they cars remain hot with used Corvette dealers.

Finally, as with most any Corvette enthusiast, the owners of most all 2005s took great care in preserving their automobiles and keeping them in tip-top condition. As with any new release, many were purchased “just to have one” and were rarely driven, unlike their counterpart C6s from the latter years. This makes a low-mileage and top grade 2005 Corvette easier to find on the used car landscape than the others. All buyers are looking for the best possible condition when buying a pre-owned car (especially an expensive one) and the advantage of have many hobbyist and collector owners makes the first C5 year model a hot item.

With the benefits and intrigue of owning the first year model of an American icon muscle car easily accessible, it leave no question why finding a 2005 Chevrolet Corvette for sale remains a hot item in the used market.

You do not have to search very long to find a plethora of Corvette classified websites online. Of course there are always the Autotraders and Craigslists of the world, but a wide number of micro-sites dedicated specifically to the sale of Corvettes can be also be found. Many of them charge anywhere from $19 to $49 for you to post a car listing and will continue to list the car until it sells. However, the big question is: Do these sites work? We’ll take a look at several things to consider and offer some options/alternatives that will help turn your Corvette into cash.


1. Hard to Find Vettes Can Pop Up on These Sites

Some of the greatest rare Corvette finds have come from obscure classified listings on sites like VetteFinders.com or UsedCorvettesForSale.com. Not everyone with a prisitine Vette in their garage is an internet guru and can often land on a random classified site when they go online to sell their beloved muscle car. These sites can turn up the random gem and for that reason cannot be entirely discounted.

2. Most Individual Sellers Love Their Car and Took Care of It

As opposed to dealers, who are mainly interested in turning over inventory, a private seller is more likely to cherish and baby their car so that it remains in terrific condition. Additionally, the quality and completeness of a listing on a classified site coupled with the quality of the pictures can tell you a great deal about the owner. On larger sites you get generic images and standard data about the cars. This approach can often mask the care that was (or was not) given to the car during its previous ownership. With classified sites, this is not usually the case.

3. You Mostly Deal With Individuals Instead of Businesses

This really goes on the further support the point above, but dealing with an individual can have many benefits over dealers. You get the personal touch and understanding that often is lost in the business world of used car sales. Most old school shoppers prefer this personal approach and the opportunity to wheel-and-deal.


1. Outdated Listings Can Clutter Your Search

This may be the single biggest detractor when looking for a Corvette using a classified site. Many of the sites offer programs where cars will remain listed until they sell. What does this mean for the shopper? It means a site clutter with cars, with some possibly off the market months ago. If the individual who listed the car does not take action to maintain or update the listing, you can end up with lots of bad listings. Bigger sites can avoid this, but the smaller classified sites are awful about it!

2. Low Website Traffic – Terrible Interfaces

Let’s face it, many of the online classified sites were slapped together over the course of a couple days and very much look it. Ugly sites with a terrible user interface do not produce traffic or buyers. This obviously diminishes the value of such a site.

3. Incomplete Car Information In Listings

With the human interaction required to post to a classified site, you often get bad information. Couple this with incomplete data in the listings and you have a buying experience that leaves much to be desired. This has obviously been the case since the early days of classified listings in newspapers, so the new online marketplace has not solved the problem.

In conclusion, while online classified sites may have some bearing in the marketplace, they are quickly losing favor which shoppers. Car buyers are continually turning their eyes towards professional sites that offer a greater selection, a quality interface, and better car buying tools. While classifieds were a great option in the 70’s and 80’s, the internet and instance access have made the listings somewhat obsolete. Even moving the old format to the internet has proven to be a flawed approach. As a car buyer or seller, we suggest using the tools available to you and embracing the great features that alternative sites have to offer. If you must, the trusty classified sites are always available to you as a fallback.


Sites We Suggest

Looking for a 2005 Used Corvette? Check the C6 Corvettes For Sale at Corvette-Dealers.com

Today we’ll take a look at the big names of the used Chevrolet Corvette marketplace. These are the companies and individuals that steer the trends and happenings in the world of selling America’s favorite muscle car.

Also, be sure check out this great Squidoo resource with tips on finding the best Vette dealer for your big purchase.

1. Roger Judski (Roger’s Corvette Center)

Roger's Corvette
Roger Judaki and one of his famous collector Corvettes

Based just outside of Orlando, Florida, Roger’s Corvette Center has remained a mainstay in the Corvette marketplace since the mid-sixties. With a “family owned and operated” dealership atmosphere, loyal customers have returned year after year. While serving the fourth most populated state for over 5 decades, Roger has developed a reputation as an honest salesman who makes Corvette ownership dreams come true. With an inventory consisting primarily of the latest generations, Roger’s Corvette keeps a stock sure to meet the needs of most buyers. No singing and dancing here – just great cars at honest prices.


2. Mike Vietro (Corvette Mike)

Corvette Mike
The one and only “Corvette Mike”

Running 4 dealerships across the US has placed Corvette Mike in the premiere position to put Chevy’s top sportscar in garages all over the nation. Mike was a pioneer in the business of internet based Corvette sales and remains an authority on all things related to buying one. New or used, Mike takes a personal approach in ensuring that each customer finds the perfect car for their interests, budget, and preference. Service, restoration, and financing are also tools at the disposal of Mike’s Corvette selling empire.


3. Charlie Kerbeck (Kerbeck Corvette)


4. Rick Conti (Coughlin Corvette)

5. Joe Conte (Conte’s Corvette)


Texas Vettes

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that sentiment rings true for the love affair Texans have with Chevrolet Corvettes. No other state in the nation offers a wider selection of used Corvette dealers or Corvettes for sale than the Lone Star State. It is a wonder there is not a city named Corvette, Texas somewhere in the state’s 2,68,580 square miles of land. In a part of the country known for big SUVs and pickup trucks, the Vette still holds a strong market share that does not look to soon be toppled.

The Corvette Texas phenomenon may have it’s roots in the state’s fascination with power, attention, and might. No other state in the United States has the authority to fly it’s flag at the same height as “Old Glory”. This comes from the fact that Texas was once it’s own country and maintained the authority when joining the Union. The same authority is found behind the wheel of Chevy’s trademark V8 powerhouse sports car at any stop light or straight away path.

The attention a Corvette demands likens to that of the state’s many namesakes. Whether you are talking presidents, professional football, NBA basketball, or GDP, the Texans are always in the battle for supremacy. If you own a Corvette in Texas, you are just staking your claim to that same attention grabbing level of supremacy on the roads. For a state with the second highest population and the second highest total area, a mighty powerhouse is an understatement for it’s place in history. The might of a Chevrolet Corvette is no different.

Buyers and sellers know that the high stake Corvette market is always hottest in the land of armadillos and longhorns….which makes the Corvette Texas personal even more lifelike.

When you make the decision to begin shopping for a Corvette, many factors  will affect your shopping experience. Nothing can be worse than having the money and knowing exactly what you want in your car, but not being able to find it. The expense associated with owning a high performance luxury sports car can make your plunge into the market even more intimidating. However, the following sites can take many of the headaches out of what should be an enjoyable and memorable hunting process.

Online Corvette Dealer
1. Corvette-Dealers.com

Launched in 2012, Corvette-Dealers.com offers a comprehensive list of premiere Corvette dealerships across the United States. Instead of digging around the web for dealerships that specialize in our beloved sports car, this site brings them all to you. Offered as a service, the site is clean and crisp with no advertisements to clutter your shopping experience. There is no better place to start (and likely finish) your adventure into the Corvette market.

2. AutoTrader

AutoTrader is the tried and tested source for findings a comprehensive list of user cars throughout the U.S. While they do not specialize in Corvettes, their selection of over 6,000 cars is the largest around. The downside to AutoTrader is the fact that you never know who you are dealing with on the other side. An abundance of ads throughout their site can also deter the less tech savvy online shopper. Regardless, you can’t beat the selection anywhere.


3. VetteFinders.com

While their inventory has dwindled in recent years, Vette Finders still aims to connect Corvette buyers and sellers in an easy to use forum. Their selection of privately owned Corvettes has been known to turn up the gems that large volume dealers can’t get their hands on. Sadly their listing fees have driven sellers to other markets, like the next one offered here.

4. Craigslist

This one is not a big surprise, but Craigslist is a great repository of free Corvette listings. While the website’s format limits shoppers to their local markets, there is never a shortage of new listings to browse at your leisure. While this is a great asset to the site, it is also the greatest deterrent. With free listings, the boards are often saturated with repeat listings and spam from lower quality dealers.

5. UsedCorvettesForSale.com

While no longer the grand behemoth of used Corvettes on the internet, UsedCorvettesForSale.com still ranks in the top 5 for today’s shopper. If you can manage through the seriously outdated website, you’ll still find a nice blend of Corvette listings from private sellers and top quality dealers. Again you find that the pay structure required for their listings has significanty limited the number of listings in a marketplace filled with free alternatives, such as the used corvette directory at corvette-dealers.com

So there you have it, the top 5 tools you get you started on your search for a pristine American-made legend…..the Chevrolet Corvette.