Big Names in the World of Used Corvette Sales

Today we’ll take a look at the big names of the used Chevrolet Corvette marketplace. These are the companies and individuals that steer the trends and happenings in the world of selling America’s favorite muscle car.

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1. Roger Judski (Roger’s Corvette Center)

Roger's Corvette

Roger Judaki and one of his famous collector Corvettes

Based just outside of Orlando, Florida, Roger’s Corvette Center has remained a mainstay in the Corvette marketplace since the mid-sixties. With a “family owned and operated” dealership atmosphere, loyal customers have returned year after year. While serving the fourth most populated state for over 5 decades, Roger has developed a reputation as an honest salesman who makes Corvette ownership dreams come true. With an inventory consisting primarily of the latest generations, Roger’s Corvette keeps a stock sure to meet the needs of most buyers. No singing and dancing here – just great cars at honest prices.


2. Mike Vietro (Corvette Mike)

Corvette Mike

The one and only “Corvette Mike”

Running 4 dealerships across the US has placed Corvette Mike in the premiere position to put Chevy’s top sportscar in garages all over the nation. Mike was a pioneer in the business of internet based Corvette sales and remains an authority on all things related to buying one. New or used, Mike takes a personal approach in ensuring that each customer finds the perfect car for their interests, budget, and preference. Service, restoration, and financing are also tools at the disposal of Mike’s Corvette selling empire.


3. Charlie Kerbeck (Kerbeck Corvette)


4. Rick Conti (Coughlin Corvette)

5. Joe Conte (Conte’s Corvette)


Corvette Texas | The Lone Star State Loves Vettes

Texas Vettes

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that sentiment rings true for the love affair Texans have with Chevrolet Corvettes. No other state in the nation offers a wider selection of used Corvette dealers or Corvettes for sale than the Lone Star State. It is a wonder there is not a city named Corvette, Texas somewhere in the state’s 2,68,580 square miles of land. In a part of the country known for big SUVs and pickup trucks, the Vette still holds a strong market share that does not look to soon be toppled.

The Corvette Texas phenomenon may have it’s roots in the state’s fascination with power, attention, and might. No other state in the United States has the authority to fly it’s flag at the same height as “Old Glory”. This comes from the fact that Texas was once it’s own country and maintained the authority when joining the Union. The same authority is found behind the wheel of Chevy’s trademark V8 powerhouse sports car at any stop light or straight away path.

The attention a Corvette demands likens to that of the state’s many namesakes. Whether you are talking presidents, professional football, NBA basketball, or GDP, the Texans are always in the battle for supremacy. If you own a Corvette in Texas, you are just staking your claim to that same attention grabbing level of supremacy on the roads. For a state with the second highest population and the second highest total area, a mighty powerhouse is an understatement for it’s place in history. The might of a Chevrolet Corvette is no different.

Buyers and sellers know that the high stake Corvette market is always hottest in the land of armadillos and longhorns….which makes the Corvette Texas personal even more lifelike.

5 Best Sites to Find A Quality Used Corvette

When you make the decision to begin shopping for a Corvette, many factors  will affect your shopping experience. Nothing can be worse than having the money and knowing exactly what you want in your car, but not being able to find it. The expense associated with owning a high performance luxury sports car can make your plunge into the market even more intimidating. However, the following sites can take many of the headaches out of what should be an enjoyable and memorable hunting process.

Online Corvette Dealer

Launched in 2012, offers a comprehensive list of premiere Corvette dealerships across the United States. Instead of digging around the web for dealerships that specialize in our beloved sports car, this site brings them all to you. Offered as a service, the site is clean and crisp with no advertisements to clutter your shopping experience. There is no better place to start (and likely finish) your adventure into the Corvette market.

2. AutoTrader

AutoTrader is the tried and tested source for findings a comprehensive list of user cars throughout the U.S. While they do not specialize in Corvettes, their selection of over 6,000 cars is the largest around. The downside to AutoTrader is the fact that you never know who you are dealing with on the other side. An abundance of ads throughout their site can also deter the less tech savvy online shopper. Regardless, you can’t beat the selection anywhere.



While their inventory has dwindled in recent years, Vette Finders still aims to connect Corvette buyers and sellers in an easy to use forum. Their selection of privately owned Corvettes has been known to turn up the gems that large volume dealers can’t get their hands on. Sadly their listing fees have driven sellers to other markets, like the next one offered here.

4. Craigslist

This one is not a big surprise, but Craigslist is a great repository of free Corvette listings. While the website’s format limits shoppers to their local markets, there is never a shortage of new listings to browse at your leisure. While this is a great asset to the site, it is also the greatest deterrent. With free listings, the boards are often saturated with repeat listings and spam from lower quality dealers.


While no longer the grand behemoth of used Corvettes on the internet, still ranks in the top 5 for today’s shopper. If you can manage through the seriously outdated website, you’ll still find a nice blend of Corvette listings from private sellers and top quality dealers. Again you find that the pay structure required for their listings has significanty limited the number of listings in a marketplace filled with free alternatives, such as the used corvette directory at

So there you have it, the top 5 tools you get you started on your search for a pristine American-made legend…..the Chevrolet Corvette.

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